Фото Барахолка
About the company

ESL is a start-up but very ambitious company.

We are not afraid of complicated tasks and at the same time do not neglect easy questions.

We strongly believe that effectiveness is a keystone of every business process.

We have both deep theoretical knowledge and vast practical experience to cope with any task from the sphere of logistic or supply chain management.

Our clients are industrial and trade companies of different scope and professional spheres:  automobile, cellulose and paper, oil and gas industry and energy, wholesale and retail trade, consumer goods trade, building and decoration materials trade, foodstuff trade.

Our partners are reliable companies, such as Riga’s port, St.Petersburg’ s port, Klaipeda’s port, insurance group “Progress”, Our clients are trading and manufacturing companies of different levels(range) and scope of activity: motor industry, pulp-and-paper industry, gas and oil industry and energy,  of  consumer goods, building and finish materials, foodstuffs. And whether our partners are famous or not very famous, they are all reliable companies: Riga’s port, St.Petersburg’s port, Klaipeda’s port, Insurance group “Progress”, Нappag-Lloyd, Maersk, Kuhne&Nagel, companies which are members of AIAC( Association of International Automobile Carriers) and Association of Lithuania Carriers “Linava ” and others.

Our  mission

Our mission is to promote the development and further success of our customers business by offering balanced logistical solutions based on systematic approach, constant development and optimization.


Our  principles

Our main principles are:

honesty towards our clients and partners;

liability for  results;



individual approach;

constant development

Let us prove your efficiency!